OMR Solutions Bangladesh (A Axis Bangladesh Brand) is an outsourcing Provider in the sector of Data Imaging, Variable Data Printing and Document Management solutions. Outsourcing has become a buzzword these days for every one. More and more companies are focusing all their energies to their core activities, leaving the other responsibilities to the Service Providers.

OMR Solutions is a leading provider of Data Imaging, Data Printing and Document Management solutions with special emphasis on document conversion and retrieval services in Bangladesh. For over six years we have been helping organizations in Bangladesh, in both the private and public sectors, manage Data Imaging more cost effectively. OMR Solutions is a privately held company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our team of dedicated personnel is focused on customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to help organizations in both the private and public sectors improve the cost-effectiveness of their document management activities in order to make more productive use of their resources.


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